The new era in Education

Through Online e-learning and distance learning, you will familiarize yourself with the use of web and the services it provides. In this way, you will become autonomous, self-motivating students and well as the members of a closely-knit team that works around the clock aiming at academic attainment.

How it Works

Following your application for becoming a member of the PASSPEL Tutoring Houses Group, there follows a telephone communication for the customer service department for the right guidance, support of your request and solving any questions you may have. During the telephone communication, an appointment for an induction meeting between you and the relevant teacher is arranged. The tutor is chosen in accordance with the teaching subject or the teaching subjects’ bundle of your choice. In the introductory meeting between student and tutor, a series of specific questions is made so that each student’s learning level can be assessed and, subsequently, her / his placement in the appropriate group – the student’s own schedule is taken into account, too. As soon as the student has been assigned to the appropriate group, which comprises of students from various locations of UK, the classes begin (usually within a few days). 

At the lesson’s scheduled date, students receive a link in their classroom team. Upon clicking on that link, which has been attached by their tutor, they are awaiting teacher confirmation to enter into their online classroom. Classes are conducted with the teacher lecturing on the prescribed material, while students are actively participating by answering the questions set to them and solving the exercises. During teaching time, the students are given the opportunity to intervene by asking questions. When teaching time is over, students receive their homework via email which are then asked to work on and submit to the teacher by a specified time. The next class resumes with the submission back to the students of their papers: each student’s work has been corrected and marked by their tutor. Such a process initiates the answering of questions, as well as covering any knowledge gaps from previous years, as well as consolidating knowledge of the previous lesson. In this way, the learning of the topic area is ensured and the teacher can then proceed to teach the next one.

Study with your teachers by your side

In PASSPEL Tutoring Academy, all the Tutors are certified and with extensive experience both in Online education and in their teaching specialty. They rely on their passion, devotion to teaching and to their zeal without losing their mojo (what the Greeks call ‘meraki’) for teaching. These qualities propel them to continuously develop in their profession. Our tutors are characterized by innovative and creative spirit which helps them work with their students harmoniously, aiming at success.