The idea for launching PASSPEL was generated in 2017 and, from the onset of that year, the vision started to materialize itself. As a result, the beginning of 2018 marked the optimization of the idea and the PASSPEL’s dynamic entry into the world of education. Truth be told, it was not an easy activity at first; quite frankly, it was a hard process especially at first: building trust with our clients was a challenge, not least because our services are provided online and the internet is known to be hiding its own traps.

Despite this, with patience and perseverance, we did manage to earn the people’s trust, through a pilot-testing of our services. We had a twofold aim: first, to prove that we are trustworthy and, secondly, to enable people experience a novel approach to learning. We do recognize that success does not come overnight, and that’s precisely why we have been evolving in the field of education with each passing day. To us, education is not merely about the dissemination of knowledge and skills but also about the appropriate interaction and rapport between students and tutors.

It is for this very reason that in PASSPEL we match the ideal tutor with each student so that we achieve the desired chemistry between them! The results become evident. So, if one is in search of a non-evolving Tutoring House, then PASSPEL is definitely not what she/he is looking for. We and the other tutoring houses are not the same: PASSPEL’s mission is not only to reward the people who have built it copiously through sacrifices; instead, it aims at investing money with a view to foster a brighter future for all the children of this planet who so desperately need one.

As everybody knows, actions speak better than words and time is of the essence. Therefore, if you must invest your time somewhere, you had better join the FREE online classes and experience an innovative teaching method that currently enjoys universal status. Maybe we can make it to meet your high expectations; then again, we might not. Who can tell? However, one thing is for sure: NEVER and for ANY reason will we give up on you!

Our philosophy in a nutshell: Every single child can become a straight-A student, provided that the child is given the appropriate setting that will help them thrive.

We give spirit, motion and colour to every educational concept. No matter its difficulty, we make it both simple and elegant so that can every child can comprehend it in a direct way.

In PASSPEL, we support every child, no matter where they are in Greece, in order for them to conquer the future, the future that belongs to them!!!

Let’s keep in mind that ASPIRATION is the starting point for every great achievement: weak aspirations bring about weak results, just like a small fire generates poor heat.

We look forward to listening to your own suggestions and to sharing your concerns and queries. It’s the only way we can open a new chapter in our children’s education together.

We are here to inform you, the parents, on your child’s progress and to discuss with you anything that worries you with regard to your children’s education and psychological state.